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Certificate Profession Submission

We welcome you to this platform, which was designed to facilitate the request to issue a health certificate for workers in industrial professions and crafts

  1. The application for the issuance of the health certificate is submitted through this platform for workers in the professional and vocational fields
  2. The Profession Health Certificate is considered valid for one year from the issuing date
  3. Follow up on the SMS sent to your phone number to proceed with your request successfully and not get it canceled
  4. The health certificate is issued and sent via text message at least 48 working hours after the sample is provided if a lab test is requested
  5. Visit the nearest health center of your working location after payment to proceed with the clinical checkup
  6. For inquiries and help, please call the number: 06 5004545


Please solve this equation in field below, click the image to change the equation.

ID Number is located on the back of your ID card far left side
(ID no: HYJ00000)
Please enter the family book number at the bottom of the page with the code and without spaces
(Family Book ID: F000000)
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